Tiger (dreamtigress) wrote in fantek,

Seeking Roommate

Room For Rent, in Charles Village Rowhome, Baltimore, MD, Available Now.

One medium/small sized middle bedroom (10' x 11') for $400 per month. 
The room has cable tv and ground line phone jack, and the house is equipped with wireless internet.

The utilities are split three ways. Utilities include gas & electric, cable TV & internet, unlimited local & long distance phone line (if you opt in for the ground line; save on your cell phone bills !). Water is included in rent. This all adds up to about $100 - 150/month, depending on the time of year. A security deposit of one month’s rent will be required at lease signing. I generally do a month-to-month lease.

The rest of the two story house is shared, with a washer & dryer and some storage area in the basement. There's a large kitchen, with cabinet space available for you; dining and living room; deck and fenced backyard. There's no smoking in the house. The house is located in a decent neighborhood, near several bus routes (#'s 3, 11, 27, 61 & 64), within walking distance of a grocery store and other amenities. We're near JHU, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and the Ottobar, as well as other local attractions. This is a really great block in Charles Village, with a bakery across the street and a park two blocks away. 

You'd be living with my boyfriend and myself, and our pets, one dog, two cats, and two snakes.
  I am a freelance artist, leather mask maker by trade. I have a booth at the MD renaissance festival, and have my masks on consignment in local shops. I am home most of the time, working on art, but we go out of town on occasion for conventions. My boyfriend Peter works for Verizon Wireless as a manager. He is home some evenings and days off, but has hobbies and gaming that keeps him busy. We both enjoy the ren faire, sci-fi/fantasy reading, and surfing the interwebs. We are freak, kink and GBLT friendly. We tend to keep to ourselves, for the most part. We have the front and back bedrooms upstairs as ours. We currently have a dog, Corva (a medium sized shepherd mix), two cats, Lissar and Neismith (both american shorthairs), and two snakes (ball pythons). The pets are generally not allowed in the rented bedroom, and the snakes are kept contained in their tank. We cannot accept any further dogs or cats into the house, there's just not enough room, but a small fish tank with fish or reptiles could work.We are seeking mature individuals who pay their bills on time and can thrive within the eccentric lifestyle in the house. For more information, please contact us. References will be required, as well as an interview.

Public post - feel free to direct interested parties to it - contact info on my profile page.

Moderators - if you feel this is spam, please delete !   X-posted to several coms and my own journal.
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