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TCEP 15 information!!!

Hey folks, I promised information on TCEP 15 - and here it is!

Still the best 4 days of gaming, relaxation, and fun in the greater DC area!

Yep, we're running a bit behind this year, but I think that more than ever, we all need a weekend to relax and unwind! And so, here we are, ready to plunge tentacle-first into TCEP 15: The Elder Party!

Unfortunately, we will *not* be able to offer online registration this year. And when we find out who sicced the Shoggoths on our web team, they will be dutifully flogged.

In the meantime, our flier is available in .pdf format! The flier can be downloaded here! Please note the change in mailing address! Get 'em in as early as possible folks!

Update! The flyer is also now available at the main site: http://www.barkingmad.org/tcep15/TCEP-15-flyer.pdf

LARP: Well, we had one, but the evil gods of employment have decided to laugh evilly (what else) at us, and so that one is being put on the back burner. We're in "negotiations" for another one. Information will be forthcoming if it happens.

Games: In addition to a number of Cthuloid and politically-themed events, we hope to have at least one "Old Skool" Dungeon crawl in memory of "The Grand Dungeon Master" himself, E. Gary Gygax. As always, we'll have plenty of space for pick-up games!

Saturday night will feature our third annual Charity Poker Tournament to benefit The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, The Center for Basic Cancer Research at Kansas State University, and The Mazzy Kaya Foundation.

We'll also be having a non-gamers area for those who prefer their relaxation to be more of the craft variety. Hosts & hostesses will be announced....when I have their permission. ;-)

Mix all of that in with the Friday night dinner (Bait Sushi at Asahi, or meat at Outback), our famous ConSuite (complete with fresh bread) and you have four days of fun that are not to be missed!

Here's the particulars:

TCEP 15: The Elder Party
Aug. 29- Sept. 1, 2008 (Labor Day weekend)
$40 for the weekend either by Pre-reg or at the door for adults
$20 for the weekend either by Pre-reg or at the door for youth (12-17)
Under 12 admitted free with paid adult membership (Said adult to be responsible for the child)

Hotel Information:
Holiday Inn Laurel West
15101 Sweitzer Lane, Laurel, MD 20707
Group name: Barking Mad
Group Rate: $104/night s/d/t/q occupancy
Note: To receive our special group rate, you MUST CALL the hotel at (301) 776-5300. Do not let them transfer you to the national reservation number!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
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