Uncle Grayhawk (grayhawkfh) wrote in fantek,
Uncle Grayhawk

This one is for my Balto. - DC area gaming peeps

Saw this on dcgaming:


Celebrate the Legacy of Gary Gygax!

We wanted to honor Gygax's memory. So here it is.

Where: Games & Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD http://gamesandstuffonline.com/
When: April 12th and April 26th, from 12-8PM.
What: Running Classic TSR-Era D&D and AD&D Modules all day long, from 12-8PM! Admission is $10, but you get $10 of immediate in-store credit!

Games and Comics and Stuff
7476 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard
Glen Burnie, MD 21061

See the original post in the dcgaming community for more info. I'm going to try and be there this weekend.

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