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Very Important Pirate tickets - last chance!

Ahoy maties, this be yer final warnin'...

If'n ya wanna get into this year's Privateer Feast from them scurvy dogs at Team Wench, yer last chance ta make an offer on them VIP (that's Very Important Pirate, dontcha know!) tickets be Saturday afternoon. After that, whichever scalawag with the shiniest dubloons -- and their crew! -- will take 'em from ya!

So ya might be askin' yerself what makes an ord'n'ry pirate into a Very Important Pirate. Well, I'm here ta tell ya:
* no waitin' in line when ya arrive [express check-in]
* yer keg-o-rum's won't be far off [convenient/assigned cooler parking]
* space ta sit yerself an' yer crew of three right up by the stage
* yer sittin' space will be festive 'n fancy afor ye arrive [decorated table]
* no waitin' in line fer victuals [early access to the buffet]
* best of all - yer own bag o' pirate booty!

So all ye remember - Saturday's the day! Don't get left back at the dock!

(Fine print in english)
* That's not the price for each ticket; when you bid, you're bidding on FOUR tickets for the bid price.
* If you have already paid for general admission tickets, your payment will be credited towards the VIP tickets (no extra fees).
* All proceeds from the Feast go to the Avon and Komen Foundations' efforts to fight breast cancer and to help people living with this terrible disease.
* Bid early, bid often
* As of the sending of this post, the bidding was stalled at $420 (that's just slightly over twice the price of a general admission ticket).

Ralph E. Nelson
Chairperson, 2008 Privateer Feast
Team Wench -
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