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Support the Arts ?

I have been to the Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theatre in Baltimore several times, for different productions, and each time was a pleasure. The theater has served Baltimore for over 45 years, putting up new shows every single month -- that's more than 630 different productions and over 7500 performances -- all in the same, small space.

Now, for the first time in its history, Spotlighters will be going "dark" (no shows). From Labor Day to about Columbus Day, the theater will be doing major renovations of its backstage area (costume room, props storage, dressing rooms, set shop, etc.). Doing so means, however, that there will be no income during that month; so there is not only the cost of the renovation, but the loss of income.

You can help. 

Spotlighters is currently running an online auction at http://www.spotlighters.cmarket.com/june2007. There are some wonderful trips, artwork, passes for local theaters, and other items up for bid. The funds raised will go to help cover the cost of renovations, provide funding for this year's young actors academy, as well as generate revenue for some of the basic operating costs of the theater.

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