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Feast tickets still available - limited quantity

Arrrrgghhh, me hearties!

Tis only days until this year's Privateer Feast, and Team Wench finds itself with more room in the pub than we'd planned on -- and not enough pirates to fill the chairs!

So listen well...
* if'n ye didn't manage ta click fast enough to get yer tickets from eBay; and
* if'n ye couldn't afford ta outbid thems that now call themselves VIPs; and
* if'n ye were convinced that the Waiting List was a losing proposition, then...

Get yerself on the Wait List NOW! Tickets are still available right now, but they won't last long. Since tis the last possible moment, we won't be acceptin' none o' them checks delivered by the postal service. The only payments we be takin' fer these last minute tickets be them usin' PayPal, and them payments'll have to be made right away.

If'n ya have any further questions, go look ye at the page what contains all da information at

Ralph E. Nelson
Chairperson, 2008 Privateer Feast
Team Wench -

please feel free to cross-post -- I'll update the note on my LJ when they're sold out again
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